I have a couple of drafts just waiting for me to add the corresponding pictures but I’ve had a busy past week and am struggling to find the time to post them. I promise soon because there is definitely a delicious roast beef recipe coming up! I just wanted to take a second to post a link to Ancestralize Me! because the article she wrote yesterday really stuck with me.

I’m not doing this to lose weight. I’m not trying to jump on the latest fad diet to get a 6 pack and no touche. I’m doing this because I saw something was wrong with my health that could probably be helped with diet…and it has helped. I have a post in draft talking about my Pizza cheat day and how I know this is the right path for me.

I am also losing weight, and I have been posting pictures on Cavewoman Tweetery showing my weight lose over this time. It’s not the main objective but I figured it was something to hold me accountable. I could stand to lose a few pounds so it’s not a big deal, I want to have a healthy body and I do have a general slender frame so I think that it’s good for me to watch this as well.

One of my “health” issues is a bad back, and while working with my chiropractor we’ve decided a lot of it can be helped by increased core strength, so I’m working on this – not to define my muscles, but increase my stability (I’m always “out” completely opposite of what I was “out” the week before. A more stable core will help this and thus the pain). Once gain, I’m not doing these core exercises to lose weight – I saw something in my heath that needed addressing and am addressing it. Keeping an eye on my shape will help me stay aware of this as well but not a priority.  Lets face it, most women aren’t “lean” and THAT’S OKAY. I would love to tone up and feel comfortable in my skin but none of what I’m doing is to get into super lean rock hard shape. It’s not normal for a female and after  read this blog post I felt really good about not being there.

Read it!


I hope it makes you feel good about yourself too 🙂